Young Adult

    Asha Anderson: the Dragon: a Young Adult Superhero Novel

    BOOK 2 NOW AVAILABLE! ASHA ANDERSON HAD THE PERFECT LIFE UNTIL IT WAS TORN AWAY. Popular friends, a beautiful home, loving parents; she had it all. That is until her birthday and her trip to the wondrous city of Ascension’s Cross. During an attack by the criminal organization called The Dragon, her mother tragically dies and Asha is left in a coma for weeks. Now, Asha has no friends, stays in a rundown apartment with her father who doesn’t seem to know she exists, and lives in the same city that took her mother’s life. Worst of all is her “condition”: her body spasms, she screams, she blacks out. Add all that to having to start over at a new school and Asha doesn’t know how things could get any worse. When The Dragon attacks yet again Asha is caught in chaos and learns her condition has given her amazing abilities: strength, speed, endurance. At every turn she seems to battle them, each fight becoming more thrilling, more dangerous. But even Asha’s newfound powers may not be enough to stop The Dragon and their sinister plans for the city. . . Read this first, complete book in an upcoming series today! Read more