• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    2049: Unity (A Requiem for Humanity Book 1)

    Humanity is at its wit’s end. The rich are abandoning the dying Earth in hopes of creating a utopia in the stars, while the rest of the people are embroiled in a destructive war that threatens to destroy what little remains of Earth and its many inhabitants. Disgusted by the present and afraid of the future, one man is determined to act and avert the bleak human destiny. Major James O’Hara feels there is no alternative but to join the man’s Resistance to overthrow the governing superblock for a bit of hope, regardless of the consequences to him and his family. A World War is looming large over their heads, and a nuclear holocaust seems to be inevitable; there is no time to lose. With the help of the Machine–an AI supercomputer called “Diana”–the Resistance mounts a last-ditch effort to save humanity. Little do they know, history has already been written. Surprises abound. Secrets become known. Reality is brought into question. Download this novel now for free while you still can. It will not leave you wanting–futuristic weapons, AI, politics, hard-boiled action, heartbreak, intrigue, love, and above all, humanity. Read more