• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Midwinter at Bhisho (Seasons of War on Abira Book 1)

    Providing aid becomes a fight for survival. When Imara lands on Abira with the rest of her company, things don’t feel right. And it’s not just the constant, falling snow. Bhisho’s townsfolk are nervous. This makes the Hospitallers wary. Then, thieves come in the night. But the thieves aren’t just thieves, they’re citizens of Grabouw, the other town in the valley. The Hospitallers learn that the people of Grabouw are starving, too. Imara and her team are charged with escorting supplies, through the snow, to the other town. The welcome here is even more chilling. Imara is certain more is going on than just a shortage of food supplies. A passed note confirms her suspicions. Now, Imara not only has to get her team safely back to Bhisho, but she also needs to report the truth, even if it costs her teams’ lives. Midwinter on Bhisho is the first story in the Seasons of War on Abira series. Follow Sgt Imara Fermo as she not only deals with her own demons but also struggles to understand the layers of deceptions that drive the civil war on Abira. Get the book. Get reading. The adventure awaits!