• Paranormal

    Shards of Osiris: a Vampire Novel

    Rebecca St. James was born the daughter of two vampires. Her parents promised she could live a normal life. They were wrong. Three years after she was turned, Rebecca is finally close to getting her life back on the right track. Her grades are improving, she’s making friends, and there’s even a boy at school who wants to date her. Two, in fact. But, just as things seem like they’re perfect, she discovers that she’s become a pawn in a war between two vampire courts: one in thrall to ancient vampire gods and the other rebelling against them. And now, one of the two courts has targeted Rebecca’s best friend Cassie. Rebecca, her friends, and both of the boys in her life will have to fight to keep Cassie safe and avoid the warring courts in Shards of Osiris. Shards of Osiris is the first book of a vampire fantasy series pitting the daughter of two vampires against demons, monsters, and ancient deities. Failure could destroy her family, and even end the world, but Rebecca St James has no idea how she’ll assemble the power she needs to take on Isis and Osiris. Buy a copy today to find out. Read more