Young Adult

    Sequenced : A YA Dystopian Romance (The Sequencing Chronicles Book 1)

    “The Sequencing allows for each person to be placed wherever they are best suited to serve. Being Sequenced is the highest honor in the land.” In Tiarny, everyone is Sequenced the year they turn eighteen. There are no choices. No options. No way out. Obey or else. The Sequencing allows for every citizen of Tiarny, regardless of class, to live in perfect peace and harmony. To oppose the Sequencing is to defy the Source Herself. No one dares disobey the Source. Nellie is about to be Sequenced. Her entire life has led her to this moment. Only, once her Sequencing Ceremony finally occurs, nothing goes as expected. There are secrets, dark ones, hidden beneath the perfect layers of Tiarny’s society. Stolen from her home, Nellie soon discovers that there is a lot more to being Sequenced than what the Guardians taught her, and she is questioning everything. Sequenced is a young adult dystopian book perfect for fans of coming-of-age tales that are captivating, exciting, and intriguing. It is book 1 of 3 in The Sequencing Chronicles, a complete series. Book 1: SequencedBook 2: Rise of the SubversivesBook 3: The Wielder of Prophecy This is the second, revised edition of Sequenced from May 2022. What readers are saying about Sequenced… ★★★★★ If you liked The Hunger Games and The Divergent series, then this book is for you! ★★★★★ “I got hooked.”★★★★★ If you enjoyed Hunger Games, this book will be your next obsession! Read more