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    Life to the Fullest: Experiencing Successful Living Through Reflective Awareness

    Are you so worn out from taking care of everyone else that you’ve forgotten how to take care of yourself? We each have multiple, all-consuming roles in life: hard worker, parent, significant other, friend, social organizer. It can seem that different people want parts of you at any time of the day, sometimes simultaneously—these demands can be endless. In the midst of trying to meet all of these needs, you can quickly become overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed, or exhausted. Elizabeth Cook is no stranger to these challenges. As a successful electrical engineer, a career-fulfilled woman in a senior management role, a PhD student, a mother to six children from toddler to teen, and a committed friend to many, she has felt the pressures of trying to be and do it all. Yet, she has also learned how to manage herself for success—accomplishing her goals and thoroughly enjoying her life. In this concise, yet insightful volume, the author of Reflective Awareness: Experience Life to the Fullest shares how to: Build emotional awareness and acceptance Discover the power of active listening Slow down your lifestyle If you are exhausted from being stretched too thin for too long, discover how Life to the Fullest introduces you to the tools for taking control of your life. A new outlook and positive habits will empower you to transform your life and experience the full, successful living you’ve longed for. It’s possible!