• Paranormal

    The Swan’s Prince: A Swan Lake Reverse Harem Retelling (The Swan’s Harem Book 1)

    I need to love him. If I don’t let, I’ll let down my father and kingdom, and I’ll never be human again. After two years apart, it seems Prince James has changed for the better. I think I might be okay with our arranged marriage now, after a lifetime of struggling to care for him. He protects me from a beast, he takes my nightmares away, and he makes my body come alive. Then the beast comes back and takes me away, yet underneath lies a man I shouldn’t feel sympathy for, but I do. But I can’t let my kidnapper woo me, and I can’t even consider a relationship with the best friend who jokes his kiss could break the curse I’ve been placed under. I have to fall in love with James, or everything falls apart. Only then can I even consider looking at anyone else in a different light. But when all of this is over, who knows what my heart will want? Matteo’s true self is far more pleasing than I thought it would be, and Stefan makes me laugh more than anyone else. When we finally break free, who knows what the future holds? The Swan’s Harem is a slow-burn reverse harem trilogy featuring a strong heroine and three complex but desirable leading men. James—the prince trying desperately to prove he’s not the man he was before. Matteo—he kidnapped her, he destroyed her, and now, he’s falling for her. Stefan—the man who’s fallen in love with his best friend. Odette’s heart grows more wi Read more