• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Cube: Where Underground meets Neon Sky

    In a world where the oppressive weight of The Order, bears down upon the remnants of humanity, “The Cube: Where Underground meets Neon Sky”, invites readers to embark on a lyrical journey through the depths of a dystopian realm. This story is completely written in narrative poetry, weaving an intricate tapestry, masterfully interlacing the themes of global change, sustainability, darkness, hope, and dreams with the stark realities of life in an underground neon cityscape. The narrative poem serves as a beacon of light, guiding readers through the labyrinthine subterranean passages and illuminating the shadows of a society clinging to the faint glimmers of hope. The verses echo the collective longing for a world beyond the confining edges of the Cube, where dreams of a brighter future might transform into reality. Author Emil Kert deftly crafts a poignant and haunting exploration of the human spirit, encapsulating the resilience and vulnerability that exists in the hearts of those who dare to dream. As the neon lights flicker and hum in the darkness, the words dance across the page, transporting readers into a world where hope and despair intertwine, and the boundaries between reality and dreams blur. Avery works, sorting parts behind the counter, His thoughts wander, to a life that’s not a slumber. A life with sunlight, fresh air, and real food, Not like the protein bars, that are not so crude. He looks into the glass vitrine, his reflection, A stranger he sees, with a different direction. A life with purpose, not in the Undergrounds, Dreams of meat and vegetables, so profound. But how to start over, how to begin anew, The impossible situation, he already knew. The adults talk of the Above, the Order’s control, The Undergrounds might be safe, but the word ‘safe’ is on hold. The Resistance fights, in a state of civil war, Getting caught between fronts, a dangerous score. Avery knows, he’ll have to make do, With the life he has, and not pursue A different life, a life with purpose, For now, in the Undergrounds, is where he’ll surface. Read more