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    Holly Jolly Christmas Derailed: A Sweet Romantic Comedy Novella

    `Tis the season to beat my fierce new competitor. `Tis NOT the season to fall in love with him. ClaireAfter letting my heart run wild in the wrong direction last year, I moved home to help revive my family’s struggling train business. Everything would’ve been fine if Harrison hadn’t rolled into town with his shiny stallion of a steam train and started using my train depot. Now, ticket sales for my Santa Express ride are plummeting. Sure, he’s handsome and charming and his smile-crinkled eyes rev my heart into high gear, but I’m determined to outsmart him and his sneaky marketing tactics. Because falling for Harrison would squash my train company’s dwindling chance of survival. HarrisonThis Christmas, my to-do list stretches from here to the North Pole. You know what’s not on that list? Falling in love. Except ever since I met Claire, I’m questioning all my well-laid plans. I didn’t expect to become so attracted to a woman right after I moved here. She is stunningly beautiful and her sizzling kisses heat up the coldest of December days. But my new business venture in White Rock requires all my attention, which means now isn’t the right time for a serious relationship. First I have to prove I’m capable of running the train business. Then, someday, I’ll focus on love. Because getting sidetracked from my career could lead to another absolute, complete failure. If you love sweet romantic comedies with lots of laughs and equal shares of heart and heat without explicit content, you’ll love Emily Bradford’s Holly Jolly Christmas Derailed. Read more