• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Planetfall: In Dying Starlight Book 1

    A rogue cyborg. A talking badger. A bounty job that goes incredibly wrong. Aaron is perfectly content to chase bounties in his run-down little space ship, avoid human interaction at all cost, and lay low from the cyborg planet that created him. But when he and Bat—his half-robotic badger companion (who talks just a little too much)—chase their largest bounty ever, they run head-first into not only some dangerous criminals, but other cyborgs much stronger than them, and worst of all, a handful of humans who aren’t going anywhere. Their job leads them first to Yayth, a backwater planet nearly as inhospitable as it is frigid. On a planet this abandoned, their target should be an easy find. Until a storm rolls in that freezes even the engines of starships. Aaron and Bat find themselves trapped not only with their bounty, but with some bystanders determined to get in the way, and something monstrous wanting to crack its way out of the ice. Planetfall is the first episode in the action-packed space opera series In Dying Starlight. Featuring a grumpy sarcastic cyborg, a talking badger, plenty of space travel, a cast of oddball characters, and a bit of romance later on, In Dying Starlight is perfect for fans of Star Wars, Firefly, and Blade Runner. Read more