Smoothie Diet: Smoothie Recipes to Detoxify, Cleanse, and Improve Digestive Health

    If you are a smoothie-lover then this recipe book is the best present for you! Remember: the best way to drink healthy and delicious smoothie is to make them yourself. It’s not a secret than smoothies are made of natural ingredients like fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.Such a rich combination of ingredients guarantees to provide a healthy dose of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and the most potent antioxidants. The purpose of this book is to provide you with the necessary guidelines and all the practical essentials about smoothie making. This self-help guide contains:✓ Basis information about smoothie and their critical role in your healthy diet and holistic lifestyle.✓ Useful tips and practical life hacks on how you can avoid those pitfalls of making smoothies.✓ Step-by-step methods so you can swiftly prepare the best smoothie✓ More than 50 different smoothie recipes with nutrition facts in 5 different categories: smoothies for weight loss and detox, breakfast, snack, and energy gains, and smoothie anti-aging recipes. In this book is contained different smoothie recipes that caters for the different needs of readers. Starting with healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss, breakfast smoothies, fruit smoothie recipes and green smoothie recipes, all of which are easy smoothie recipes to prepare. Read more