• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Hauler: A Futuristic Action Adventure (Benjamin Drake Adventure Series Book 1)

    Governments have fallen. Corporations control the world. Now their eyes are on Mars. But Benjamin Drake is about to ruin everyone’s plans. Earth is no longer made up of countries and nations. Every bit of land has been privatized, and most of it is owned by five big corporations. Life is hard, and people are struggling. Crime is rampant, and they send serious offenders to Mars to help with the terraforming. Benjamin Drake is a happy-go-lucky truck driver (or hauler) with an uncomplicated life, hauling cargo around the world in his Hydrostar, until a run of bad decisions leaves him without work. Down on his luck and desperate for a contract, he makes a decision that he instantly regrets. As Drake gets caught in a tug of war between a mining mogul and the world’s most ruthless security force, he suddenly finds himself with a truck full of stolen cargo, and decisions need to be made. But who can he trust? After a big professional blunder, Lt. Lily Wells plots a way to get her career back on track as one of Penta Corporations’ top security officers. But when Wells ends up on a murder case, she uncovers something much bigger. One on the run and the other on the hunt, Drake and Wells cross paths, at odds and supposedly enemies. But could their alliance be the only way out alive? Set in the near-future, Hauler is the first book in the Benjamin Drake adventure series, filled with witty dialogue, flawed heroes, and plenty of bad decisions. Review from The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer “Hauler is a fast-paced, energetic and above-all fun slice of science-fiction, with a small but well-developed cast of characters, an intriguing take on the corporate dystopia scenario that is distinctly refreshing, and worldbuilding and an overarching narrative that hooked me from the very beginning, and kept me reading intensely until the last page. I’m genuinely curious and excited about where Kruger is taking the story of Benjamin Drake and his friends, enemies and reluctant allies, and cannot wait to get hold of a copy of the sequel whenever it comes out.” Read more