• Young Adult

    Ramshackled: a Wyvern Wars Novella

    Some rules should be broken. Two brothers banned from battle. A forgotten family legacy. Their friend kidnapped by a sorcerer who would threaten them all… Hidekazu and Masanori Genshu’s futures were preordained. They would not become exalted warriors like their mother and father, nor would they change the course of history. Their family name should fade from legends and histories unnoticed, them with it. But Masanori and Hidekazu had other plans. In the early hours of the morning, far from the watchful eyes of their parents, they practiced in secret. Until the day Tsukiko City was attacked, and their friend was kidnapped. Even as the world around Hidekazu and Masanori returned to normal, they realized they could not sit on the sidelines any longer. It was time for them to fight. Masa and Hide’s journey begins in Ramshackled, the first of four novellas prefacing the Wyvern Wars series: an epic fantasy adventure inspired by selections of Japanese mythology and folklore. Get your free copy today!