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    March Street Murder (March Street Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

    Welcome to the March Street Cafe. My name’s Kelly, and I’ll be your server today. I think I’ve said those words a hundred times. But I’m more than just a server. I’m a painter. In fact, a few of my paintings hang on the wall in the March Street Cafe. I’m a dog-lover. I walk Buddy the bulldog every morning and every night, even though he never obeys my commands. I’m a granddaughter. I live with my Grandma Iris, taking care of her and Buddy after she had a fall. And now, I’m a woman trying to solve a murder. March Street Murder is a new short cozy mystery by Estelle Richards, author of the Lisa Chance Cozy Mysteries. It has no sex, no gore, and no swearing. It’s a short read, perfect for giving yourself a little treat in between tasks in your busy day. Read more