• Horror

    The Secret Name

    Working in a creepy mansion surrounded by old books is kind of my dream job, but this might be too creepy—even for me. They asked weird interview questions like “Have you ever seen a dead body”, I swear I heard a woman screaming last night, and I’m sure the owner is hiding something—like why he hired me as a librarian in the first place. But I can’t quit now. If I miss rent again my boyfriend will finally kick ol’ broke Kendra (me) to the curb and into hobodom. Plus, it’s great inspiration for my writing. I just hope I don’t end up starring in a gothic horror story of my own… Anyways, I’ll update y’all here in my blog. If you like a quirky heroine facing inexplicable horror, then read The Secret Name today! The Secret Name is book 1 in the Kendra Temples: The Demonic Diaries series. Book 2 Hellcrafter is now available for pre-order! Note: This book was originally released as The Secret Name by Kendra Temples