• Historical Fiction

    Diana Christmas: Blackmail, Death and a British Film Star (Screen Siren Noir Book 1)

    WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU READ NAIL-BITINGLY TENSE BRITISH NOIR? He’s been threatened, beaten and broken – but still he doesn’t regret meeting the actress who disappeared… Michael, a young film journalist, is sent to interview the reclusive movie star Diana Christmas. Twenty years prior, the red-headed starlet suddenly abandoned her career, leaving her fans shocked and a whiff of scandal. Their attraction is instant. Between the sheets, Diana tells him of the blackmail and betrayal which drove her away. And how – even now – she’s being tormented by underworld figures. Emboldened, Michael sets out on a mission to track down a compromising roll of film. Soon he’s tangling with aged pimps, teenage thugs and a film director intent on turning real life into one of his own lurid thrillers. But ahead lies even deadlier peril. Can Michael save Diana from her past? Or will the secrets which crushed her life destroy them both? Diana Christmas: Blackmail, Death and a British Film Star is a must-read for all fans of hard-boiled crime and film noir. If you love the thrillers of Megan Abbott, Guy Bolton and James Ellroy, then you’ll adore Diana Christmas! PRAISE FOR DIANA CHRISTMAS: BLACKMAIL DEATH AND A BRITISH FILM STAR “FR Jameson’s characters come vividly to life in a highly enjoyable slice of British noir.” “From the very first chapter I was sold. The descriptions and detail that Jameson used throughout this book made it very difficult for me to put it down.” “This is a fabulous story. Full of great characters, and a plot that I really enjoyed. I like a story that can keep me guessing.” “The author weaves seduction, blackmail, and cruelty throughout the story. If you are a fan of noir, the twists and turns are classic.” “Diana Christmas truly is a thriller fit for the silver screen itself.” “I couldn’t put the book down. What more can I say? If you enjoy a suspenseful thriller I highly recommend this book.” “I’d recommend it to anyone who likes noir, crime, or Hollywood biographies.” “Diana Christmas written by F.R. Jameson could be a movie on TCM… This new book takes the reader into a time that most of us don’t remember – it is gritty but vivid, sullen but snappy, and most of all just a good old fashioned mystery.” “This is a fabulous read… Whilst I’m not normally a great fan of noir, I absolutely loved this novel!” “This novel is written in classic form. It contains snappy dialogue, intriguing characters who find themselves in desperate situations, and climactic scenes. It’s original and will leave readers appreciating how this sort of writing panache can still be found in authors today.” GET YOUR COPY TODAY AND ENTER THE WORLD OF SCREEN SIREN NOIR!