• Young Adult

    A Queen To Come: A found family, action-packed, YA fantasy (An Aster Prequel Novella Book 1)

    A powerful, ancient magic. In the wrong hands it will mean death to the Affinite race. Can five siblings save their people from a Dark King’s terror?The Affinites have been keeping the Dark Kings from taking over the surface of the world ever since their first, all-powerful Queen, Aiyana, led them to victory 500 years ago. Now, Aiyana’s ancient magic has been reincarnated. It can only mean one thing – the Dark Kings are rising again.Brought up as human, and without knowledge of her magic or her destiny, Gayle Mendosa is set to return to her people as their new Queen. Desperate to capture the ancient power for himself, a Dark King plots her death before she ascends the throne.Lian, Matu, Nathan, Sky and Sophie are the Asters, an elite group of Affinites, each with a unique magic. They have trained and fought alongside each other all their lives. They have deep bonds of friendship. They will lay down their lives for each other, their Queen, and their people. With a new and unknown Dark King to face, they may yet pay the ultimate price.A Queen To Come is the first in a new ya fantasy series full of magic and adventure, sacrifice and betrayal, friendship and banter, and a light touch of romance.Click on “Buy now” and find out if the Asters can bring their Queen safely home, while surviving their murderous enemy’s deadly agenda. TW: violence, death. There are graphic fight scenes that may not be suitable for some readers. Read more