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    Silver Fire (The Kaerling Book 1)

    What starts as an innocent quest to follow the unicorn’s trail, turns into a sinister nightmare. “I was so happy to find a book that truly captivated my imagination from beginning to end.” K Johnstone Banished from their village, Otta, and her twin brother Erl, (who has lost his memory), must stay ahead of those who seek to kill them. Learning how to follow the unicorn’s trail and deal with her brother’s dark side, Otta must keep them both safe as she attempts to follow the commands of a shrineless god. This epic fantasy tale begins the saga of The Kaerling. The Kaerling is a series of linked novellas that can be read individually as well as in chronological order. Warning: contains scenes of a sexual nature and some violence which some readers may find upsetting. Read more