• Historical Fiction

    The Music Maker’s Daughter: A gritty historical saga of love, friendship and loyalty (The Westcott Girls Book 1)

    Something is deeply wrong in the Belaugh household, and Madeline Brooks is about to step right into it When her beloved pianist father dies, Madeline loses everything: her family, her friends and home. But she never relinquishes hope. She dreams of following in her musician father’s footsteps and righting the wrong done to him. Rising above the depersonalising regime of the orphanage, she secures a music scholarship with the wealthy Belaugh family. It seems like a dream come true. But is it? At Harborough Hall she comes face to face with a nameless horror that fills the Belaugh protegees with dread. As opportunity turns to nightmare, Madeline’s struggles are just beginning. She battles to protect herself and those around her from harm. But the hurt cuts deep. Can she save the one thing she values above all – her father’s gift for making music? If she loses that, she loses everything she has ever wanted. A gritty, heart-warming tale of determination and courage, friendship and loyalty. To find out if this is the book for you, why don’t you use the Amazon LOOK INSIDE feature and sample the first few chapters? Reviews The Music Maker’s Daughter is a riveting story about bravery, ambition and the enduring power of hope. Tenderly told and expertly crafted, it’s at times heartwarming, at others devastating. An immersive, epic tale of family and fortitude you won’t want to miss.-Holly Miller, bestselling author of The Sight of You Read more