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    Not Forgotten (Nick Fischer Novel Book 1)

    A DIRTY COP, A POPULAR LOCAL ATTORNEY running for governor, and the son of the richest oilman in Texas all guard a secret they are willing to kill to keep—the secret behind a young coed from the inner city found floating in the San Antonio River. Her mother thinks she was murdered and is desperate for answers. But the ME rules accidental drowning. When the police ignore the mother’s plea for an investigation, she turns to Nick Fischer for justice. Nick follows a twisted trail that leads from San Antonio’s upscale neighborhoods to an isolated ranch where unwanted visitors tend to disappear. The dirty cop shadows his every move. He sets up an ambush. When that misses, he goes after Nick’s family and frames him for murder. For the former Marine and new private investigator to take on the privileged elite and find the killer, he must risk it all—his career, his family, and his own life… Read more