• Horror

    Devil’s Bane: A Paranormal Thriller (The Port Hollow Witches Book 1)

    Rory Garcia has made a fatal mistake. He revealed to his lover, Gwydion Garrity, the existence of the supernatural and that witches walk the streets of Port Hollow. Now, with a death sentence looming over him, Rory knows that he must take desperate measures to protect himself and the man he loves. Gwydion has other ideas. After all, by coven law, if he becomes a witch too, no crime has been committed and they’ll both be safe. The only trick is figuring out how to get it done. Preferably, without dying in the process. Meanwhile, as bodies pile up in the Olympic Peninsula, each bearing the unmistakable marks of dark magic, it becomes clear that the most forbidden and deadly forms of black magic are still being practiced in Port Hollow. Ancient sorceries that drain power from innocent lives. And Kathryn Silk will stop at nothing to end this deadly threat, even if it means running afoul of her own coven. But in a town like Port Hollow, keeping secrets can be a death sentence. And one misstep could be the downfall of them all. Read more