• Paranormal

    Royally Screwed: Paranormal Dating Agency (Otherworld Shifters Book 1)

    They might be meant for each other, but they’re worlds apart … literally Who knew that saving a fae duke’s life could earn you a one-way ticket to another planet? Brook Donovan certainly didn’t. But that’s exactly what happens when she rescues one from a speeding car. Now, not only does she have to learn how to be a member of the royal court and acclimate to life on a magical new planet, but she must also deal with her overwhelming attraction to the duke—a man who fully intends to return to Earth, leaving Brook light years behind. Duke Kerren Aodhan of Weylan Barrows never intended to return home. He’d been bored there for far too long and was ready to start fresh on Earth. But his near-death experience changed everything. Now obligated to help Brook settle into her new life, Kerren has to return to Prism—at least temporarily. Coming home unearths more unseen obstacles, however. Mainly, can he keep his growing feelings for her from trapping him on his home world forever?  Circumstances seem determined to keep them apart, but fate (and a matchmaker named Gerri Wilder) has other ideas. Can Kerren and Brook bridge the chasm between them? Or is their happily ever after Royally Screwed? Read more
  • Paranormal

    Night Revelations: a Wolf Shifter Romance

    She just found her pack, but now she may have to leave it. Charlotte is new to the lupine life, having been raised in the human world. She’s still learning her place as a wolf shifter and a member of the Bronze pack. Everyone has a task within the pack, and Charlotte is eager to find her path. As if that isn’t complicated enough, she finds herself longing for romance. Just when she thinks she’s found a direction, news arrives that may lead to her long-lost family. Somewhere out there, are her parents looking for her? And if she finds them, will she be ready to leave the pack that took her in? And what of the love she’s found along the way? *This most recent edition of Night Revelations has been expanded to include the previously separate sequel, Night Discovered.