• Historical Fiction

    Mercy’s Heart (The ChristKeepers Book 1)

    Newly Revised and Corrected 2015. From Best-Selling Inspirational Romance Author, Grace Walton. Determined to support his clan without compromising his new found faith, Titus the Norseman becomes the premier mercenary knight of Medieval Scotland. The world weary warrior has never backed down from a just fight. Providing sufficient coin for the clan seems finally within his grasp. Until, in a collision between his honor and his purse, he is forced to rescue the English King’s baseborn daughter at a bear baiting. Burdened by the sins of his profligate past, Titus feels compelled to protect the young innocent girl. The convent raised Mercy is eager to finally meet her royal father. She yearns to earn his love. Mercy is convinced her stark and lonely life can change. There will indeed be dramatic changes in her life, just not the ones she anticipates. Titus needs a wife. His ideal spouse would be a plain and practical woman. Whimsical Mercy is neither. Courtly Love is still a novel concept in Medieval England, but Mercy embraces it fully. The famous Scottish knight becomes the focus of her regard. He categorically rejects any idea of romantic love, especially the ridiculous Courtly Love. Opposites in every way Titus and Mercy navigate court intrigue, blood feuds, church assassins, life altering revelations, and annulled marriage vows. Titus the Norseman has never been defeated in a tournament. He has won every challenge issued. Now against almost insurmountable odds, somehow with God’s help he must find a way to win ‘Mercy’s Heart’. ‘Mercy’s Heart ‘is the first novel in a new Medieval Inspirational Romance series, ‘The ChristKeepers’ Read more