• Young Adult

    Remember Me (Prequel): Fueling The Flames Of His Obsession

    Maria’s life seemed perfect on the surface, but beneath the fa├žade, a dark truth lurked. Her friends were loyal, her parents were loving, and her boyfriend was devoted, but one of these realities was about to shatter her world.When tragedy strikes, Maria’s life takes a sharp turn, and she finds herself trapped in a web of uncertainty and fear. Her perfect life is nothing but a mirage, and she must face the harsh reality of her situation. Peter, on the other hand, has always been able to adapt to new situations. With her parents’ constant traveling, he never had a chance to settle down and make lasting connections. However, his charming personality and easygoing nature make him friends wherever he goes. But when his little sister falls victim to a heinous crime, Peter’s world is turned upside down. He’ll stop at nothing to find justice for his sister, even if it means crossing paths with Maria and facing his own demons. As their worlds collide, Maria and Peter must confront their most destructive nightmares and fight for what’s right. Will they overcome their own battles and find solace in each other? Or will their demons consume them, changing their lives forever? The stakes are high, the tension is palpable, and the outcome is anything but certain in this gripping tale of love and loss. Remember Me (Prequel): is a Short Story for the forthcoming 5 book series. Read more