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    Becoming Saint Peter: A mystery thriller about an imposter (Saint Peter Black Mystery Thrillers Book 1)

    The grass isn’t always greener on the other side… Peter Black is considered to be a saint. He’s the CEO of a respectable investment firm and a generous philanthropist. But Peter is no saint. He’s a master manipulator, hiding behind a mask of professionalism. Peter grew up in foster care with this twin brother, John. They inherited different traits from their abusive, alcoholic father. Peter is a sociopath, and John is an alcoholic down and out. When Peter dies in a car crash, John snatches the opportunity to get a better life. He becomes Saint Peter. Overcoming addiction, acting a new persona, and battling remorse, John struggles to conceal his true identity from the intuitive and enchanting Cassandra Rose. When cocaine snorting property developer, Ray Woods, wants to scam the government out of millions, John discovers that nothing is what it appears. Is John shrewd enough to play the role of Saint Peter? If you like Jeff Carson, John Stanford, Vince Flynn, Jack Higgins, Agatha Christie, or Alistair MacLean, then you’ll enjoy the Saint Peter Back mystery-thriller series. For a fast, page-turning read full of twists and intrigue, download ‘Becoming Saint Peter’ now. What readers say “A captivating thriller with a great twist. An ingenious plot with characters that move the story along at a magnificent pace … It reads like a movie plot!” (LM)“Really, really enjoyed ‘Becoming Saint Peter’. It’s a gripping storyline and a thrilling read which kept me turning the pages to the end. I can’t wait for the next instalment of Saint Peter Black!” (CW)“A well-written tale. Excellent storyline with a good twist.” (WK)“The series is developing beautifully. Is ‘Peter Black’ clever enough to be Peter Black?” (BG)“Hamish Hudson is going from strength to strength, delivering another gripping, tightly plotted thriller. An excellent read.” (JF)“Fast paced with a flavour of gritty reality.” (MR)“Just read your story and really enjoyed it. Liked the plot and didn’t see the twist coming at the end.” (IB)“I whizzed through your thriller with no filler and loved it. A fast paced read, which gets you straight to the action.” (TA)“Your descriptions of their traumatic childhood really made me empathise with the characters. I like how you introduced the death of one of the brothers at the beginning without saying too much because it had me hooked. Excellent twist at the end – it really added to the effect.” (JH)