• Young Adult

    Hate Me (Hate You Harder #1): A Step Brother Enemies to Lovers High School Bully Romance

    Enemies will prowl. Loyalties will tested. Boundaries will be broken. Hearts will break. Emily Valen’s life was far from perfect, but she rolled with what she had. Breathtakingly beautiful, immensely smart, she had the whole damn world at her feet, and she had plans to go far. Emily adored her life and everyone in it… with one exception… her damaged, soul destroying demon of a stepbrother. Carter James is the King of Woodville High. Initially from the wrong side of town, he worked hard to try to fit in with the elite crowd. After he soon realized he wasn’t born to be a follower, he stood his ground and before long the elite crowd chose to follow him, and King Carter was born. Now he has the whole of Woodville High worshipping the ground he walks on, and a football scholarship within touching distance. Nothing and no one would step in his way. But one drunken night at a pool party was about to change their lives forever… and not for the better. Hate Me is the first book in Harmony Grey’s brand new angsty N/A-Y/A Crossover Hate You Harder series. Read more