• Paranormal

    Taken by The Hunger: A Blood Thirst Affair Novel (Book 1) Reverse Harem/Paranormal Romance/Dark Fantasy

    1st Book in The Blood Thirst Affair Series.When Emmaley wakes up not knowing who she is, or who’s the mysteriously handsome man in front of her she knows she’s in a whole lot of trouble. The hunger she feels towards Darius is instantaneous and all consuming, but the fear that he is keeping her past from her while keeping her captive drives her to search for the truth. What she finds is so startling and frightening making her question everything he’s told her, and her feelings for a man who she believes would tell her anything to keep her. Fighting her desire for Darius she is caught between a war fought for love, hunger, need, betrayal, and ultimately vengeance amongst the two men who would do anything to possess her. Emmaley demands to be set free, but instead finds herself taken, tortured, and mated to a Vampire King (Eros). Unwilling to forget Darius she learns to accept who she is, in order, to shape her own destiny, find the truth of who she will become, and realize the knowledge she is most scared of… that eternity hardens even the kindest of souls. Will her soul survive, or will she turn into the beast both men seek to find?This is a slow-medium burn book in an RH series.This eBook is a Dark Paranormal Romance Novel which contains BDSM and explicit sexual content. It is intended for a mature audience. Not for the faint at heart.