• Religion & Spirituality

    Red, White, and Dead (Holiday Cove Mystery Series Book 1)

    Charlie Flynn has lived most of her adult life roaming the country in a panel truck towing a vintage camper until her grandmother dies and leaves her a sprawling pink Victorian mansion that is practically falling down around her ears. On the day of her grandmother's funeral, she finds a stranded, mud-covered little dog on her porch. Something about the pooch makes Charlie want to stay and put down roots in Holiday Cove. She begins renovations on the mansion, planning to use the first floor as a shop for all the vintage clothes and furniture she has bought over the years. But the renovations keep getting delayed and Charlie's plans to have the store ready by all the Fourth of July festivities are put in jeopardy. Once she finds that there is a saboteur on the construction team, the fireworks really start. The saboteur is found dead and Charlie is the main suspect. She tries to keep her past a secret, but will her silence condemn her? Will she find the grace and forgiveness she needs before it's too late? In this story, Charlie finds that there is no "too far" for God and that she can finally stop running.