• Young Adult

    The Younglings: Shadows & Magic

     QUINN CARTER WAS A REGULAR TEEN … UNTIL THE DEMONIC NIGHTMARES BEGAN. After discovering his estranged father is a demon king, Quinn Carter becomes embroiled in a supernatural world, where things of myths & legends are real. Quinn detests his anger, but cherishes his new found speed and strength. He adores his newfound paranormal family—an angel, a vampire, a ghost, a wolf-shifter, a witch and a human—who are all destined to be heroes in the mortal realm. Stranded spirits, stab-worthy demons, black witchcraft, and a cunning vampire ministry ensure life becomes full of supernatural action & adevnture for these unwitting teen heroes.His angelic best friend, Eve, thinks Quinn has the heart of a lion and the soul of an angel. Quinn is in love with her, but can a demon love an angel? ♥♥♥♥ SHADOWS & MAGIC is the first book in THE YOUNGLINGS SERIES. An action packed, gripping full length coming of age, YA paranormal fantasy. It will transport urban fantasy fans to a fascinating supernatural world within our own, filled with magic, suspense, danger, sizzling adventure, a sprinkling of humour, and a slow burn paranormal romance.  The Younglings:Book ①: Shadows & MagicBook ②: Fire & Magic ◆◆ If you like Supernatural YA—Vampire Academy, True Blood, Mediator, The Mortal Instruments—then I 100% recommend this one to you all! ◆◆ ◆◆ If you’re a Twilight or City of Bones fan, this is for you ◆◆ ◆◆ This is such a hilarious and well-paced coming of age YA read that introduces us beautifully into a new series. It is absolutely packed with demons, angels, ghosts, witches, and more, all wrapped up in teen angst, misfits and unwitting heroes ◆◆ ◆◆ The Younglings has all the ingredients for a perfect YA paranormal read—nail biting action, cool supernatural powers, epic fight scenes, romantic chemistry, loads of angst and a demon nanny ◆◆ Read more