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    THE NURTURE FROM NATURE Start Plan Your Farm Now!

    Starting An Farm Has Never Been So Easy!Want to start a profitable farm?But here’s the problem.Much of the information available is outdated. Many books were written in 2020 or before.So much has changed. Business and technology are changing at the pace that needs to be updated at least 2 times a year! Because self-sufficiency is the objective, subjects such as raising backyard chickens and home canning are also covered along with numerous methods for keeping costs down and production high. Materials, tools, and techniques are detailed with photographs, tables, diagrams, and illustrations.Luckily for you,This book will introduce and teach you:.The 7-step process to designing your very own unique permaculture garden..The absolute importance of having a plan in place before you start your permaculture garden — and how you can create this plan today..Everything you need to know for success — including garden design basics, water management techniques, how to improve the soil, and how to compost..Working smarter, not harder, also prevents the kind of burnout that start-up farmers often encounter in the face of long, hard, backbreaking labor. Read more