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    The Alphabetical Dictionary of the Holy Quran Arabic to English (301 Non Fiction Series Book 10)

    This dictionary presents the complete vocabulary and the phraseology of the Holy Qur’ân. All root-words of the Holy Qur’ân with their derivatives have been included in it. This dictionary will help the reader to ascertain the real, classical, and root meanings of all the Arabic words used in the Holy Qur’ân. Moreover, efforts have been made to highlight various shades of meaning. Another objective is to help the student of the Holy Qur’ân to EASILY FIND and ascertain the in depth meaning of all the Qur’ânic words. Alphabetical Index of all the Qur’ânic words is being provided. Thus, making this dictionary handy and easy to use.Holy Qur’ân has come to be considered as the standard of Arabic language, even by those who have no belief in it to be of Divine origin. Beauties, there are many, and ideas clothed in rich and appropriate language, which not unfrequently rises to a sublimity far beyond the reach of any translation.It would be idle to pretend that the work is an exhaustive dictionary or that it leaves no room for further improvements. It must not for a moment be imagined that all the meanings and characteristic expressions of the Holy Qur’ân have been included in this Dictionary. Read more