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    History & Mythology For Kids: Explore Timeless Tales, Characters, History, & Legendary Stories from Around the World – Egyptian, Greek, Norse & More: 4 books (4 books in 1)

    History & Mythology for Kids is a special “Four Books In One Collection” Enter ancient worlds, meet famous people and discover fascinating facts of past civilisations & incredible kingdoms from around the world! Included in this Captivating “4 Book Collection” are: Egyptian Mythology For Kids Greek Mythology For Kids Norse Mythology for Kids + Mythology for Kids – History & Legendary Stories from Around the World Sit Back & Enjoy Classic Myths of Imagination, Fun & Adventure For Kids! Inside you will find some of the most famous highlights from history along with the greatest stories ever written. Children will learn about the past and our ancestors in new and exciting ways. It will help them to develop strong reading skills It will introduce them to positive character traits It will teach them about culture & history It will unlock their imagination and much more, This special four books in one features heroes, epics, magic, gods, goddesses, inspiring stories, history, myths and much, much more. Here is a small peek inside of what you will discover: Norse Creation, Bedtime & Moral Stories – Perfect for children of all ages Discover The Vikings & Learn Fun Facts About Them! Midas – who wished for wealth but got more than expected (a cautionary tale) Top Greek Gods & Goddesses – including the King of Kings! Zeus Jason, The Argonauts & Their Epic Quest for The Golden Fleece Magic, Monsters & Mythical Creatures The 12 Labours of Hercules – brave stories from the greatest hero! Mysteries & Secrets Surrounding The Egyptian Pyramids How Thor, of Marvel Fame Got His Hammer And much, much more…. Begin your adventure now and enter into a world of History & Mythology for Kids with This Book. Read more