• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Creator: Episode 1: The Useless (The Creator Series)

    I think I’m dead. Only I’m not a ghost. And I’m pretty sure this isn’t heaven. When mid-list author Alex Baker crashes his truck, he’s transported to the dystopian world of his novels. A chain of islands filled with garbage and criminals and ruled by a tyrannical warden. Welcome to Wasteland. Survival is all that matters, so the artists, creatives, and disabled are forced into slavery or even killed. They’re called the Useless. Mabie Nightlady doesn’t know she’s the main character of a book. Or that she’s supposed to die at the end of the story. Once the wife of the second most powerful man in Wasteland, now she leads the Useless. To her, it is not a story. It is her life. And she will lead the Useless to freedom…or die trying. Alex arrives in the Useless hideout with no explanation of where he came from or how he got there. Some suspect he is one of the warden’s spies. The Useless vote on whether or not to kill him. When the vote is split, Mabie decides he will live with them for three weeks—under her watch. Then they will vote again. Forced together, attraction develops between Alex and Mabie and he realizes he’s somehow taken over the character of her future lover. Meanwhile, the story continues with or without Alex writing it. Which means Mabie will die. Unless Alex can find a way to change the story from inside its pages. But to save Mabie’s life, he must first save his own. If you like action-packed adventure, sexy love stories, and immersive world-building, you’ll love The Creator series! Read more