• Historical Fiction

    Ruby’s Story (Ruby’s Regulars Book 1)

    How Ruby returned to Sullivan, opening the supper club that became the stuff of Christmas Eve legends. On Christmas Eve, Ruby Westbrook finds herself alone in an empty train car, no longer the wide-eyed, ready-to-take-on-the-big-city dancer she’d once been. On a whim, she arrives back in her girlhood hometown of tiny Sullivan, Missouri. Against the backdrop of a city navigating mid-century social and technological upheavals, Ruby begins to relive her past and the love she lost there. Will memory drive her to make a leap of faith, changing the course of her life, and that of the entire town of Sullivan forever? Ruby’s Story is the prequel to the Ruby’s Place Christmas Collection: Christmas at Ruby’sI Remember YouSentimental JourneyThe Gift That Is Ruby’s Place Read more