• Young Adult

    Shifting: Prophecy of Fire (The Fated Chronicles Book 2)

    Being the new kids in town where you’re not welcome is anything but fun—actually, it’s proving dangerous, and possibly even deadly. Regardless, Meghan and Colin Jacoby don’t regret risking it all to save their friend. But now, their lives are in great peril and they’re struggling to stay ahead of the enemy. Worse, a secret is revealed which pushes the magical community’s level of tolerance to its peak, landing Colin in some serious magical trouble—the kind only his sister can get him out of. But will the cost of saving him be too high? Because she can’t do this task on her own, and the solution is just as nightmarish as her brother dying—she’ll need to ask the unthinkable of the most unimaginable and unkind person, ever. Read more