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    Avocado Toast: A Hipster’s Cookbook

    ATTENTION MILLENNIAL HIPSTERS:We get it. You LOVE artisan food, especially quick and easy meals. It would be cray if you didn’t read this cookbook. This gucci cookbook will give you instructions on how to make your favorite meals/drinks you need to stay “relevant” in the big city. Learn how to make the following recipes:•Avocado Toast (of course)•Kale Lady Salad (the most healthy)•Cold Brew Coffee (totally not bought from the shop)•Bacon Strips (beware) And don’t worry! It isn’t adulting if you make your own food! Look at these awesome testimonials:“Totally not complicated, unlike my gf” -Random hipster“I read it on my Uber commute” -Random hipster 2“This book is on fleek of what hipsters desire most. Am I cool yet?” – Mother of a hipster“After I read this tremendously written and illustrated book, my eyes opened, it opened a world I always ignored due to the fear of oblivion. Therefore, after reading this piece of art (close to Einstein’s equation, e=mc2), I discovered my own equation to life. These recipes are ten times more prodigious than regular equations of Einstein. I no longer live in my mom’s basement, but rather have opened my own restaurant under the name of the dexterous writer “Huzail”. I thank the lords for making a skillful writer to unleash this holy book” – Author’s cousin P.S. This is SATIRE. Don’t take this book seriously. We love you, hipsters. Just please tone it down with your too cool vibes. You make everyone so jealous.