• Young Adult

    Sequence: 31 Verses Every Teenager Should Know

    Give the teen in your life something with eternal value. Opinions are a dime a dozen, but what growing teens long for is truth. They want to know what the Bible says, not just what their parents or church says. So what does the Bible say about how we are to follow Christ? If you want the teens in your life to understand for themselves Jesus’ call to disciples for radical faith, sacrificial living, and complete devotion, then start with this easy-to-use devotional journal. Sequence leads teenagers through self-discovery questions to help them understand what being a disciple of Jesus Christ means in their life. Sequence is part of the 31 Verses topical devotional series that offers the opportunity to help forge the next generation using biblical truth as it relates to specific topics. The impact, prayerfully, is that not only the life of the teen is changed but so are the lives of those around them. Each book in the series contains the plan of salvation, quick tips on how to share your faith, and prompts for how to pray for friends. With engaging content, journaling space, and an affordable price point, these topical devotionals are a way to build up those you love. These devotions are perfect for any gift-giving occasion: graduation, birthday, or as stocking stuffers. The content is relevant for youth discipleship ministry, as church youth camp materials, church summer youth activities, and more. Check out the other books in the 31 Verses Every Teenager Should Know series. Or better, go a little deeper by purchasing the corresponding Bible study by the same name. Learn more at www.LifeBibleStudy.com. Read more