• Horror

    Assassin’s Fate (The Assassin and her Dragon Princes Book 1)

    Three sexy dragonborn princes. An assassin with an erased past. And the impossible mission of assassinating the dragon emperor. I have spent my whole life training to be an assassin of Linmoor Valley, an underground gild of the world’s most lethal merceneries. My past is a blank, my master merciless. I kill on command, no questions asked. Life changes after the day I’m sent to the town’s brothel to make a kill. The people who ordered the killing now want me to execute the greatest assassination of our time. Their mission is simple: Kill the tyrant dragon emperor and bring peace to the four kingdoms. A wiser assassin would refuse the impossible. But I can’t. From the moment I see the three dragon born princes, I know I belong to them. And they, to me. Assassinating the emperor is no longer my only mission. I must protect the three princes, for they are the only hope of reviving the four kingdoms. My tasks seem impossible, but I am determined to carry them out if only for a chance to be with the men who make my frozen heart throb and bleed. Assassin’s Fate is the first book in an intrigue-filled whychoose fantasy romance that support’s our heroine’s right to choose more than one mate. Get ready for this captivating tale full of heart-pounding romance and edge-of-your-seat action. Note: The Assassin and Her Dragon Princes is a reverse harem series meant for mature readers who enjoy their fantasy fiction with no restraint to language, violence and a few heated scenes. The Assassin and Her Dragon Princess is now a completed series. Book 1: Assassin’s Fate Book 2: Assassin’s Past Book 3: Assassin’s Crown Book 4: Assassin’s Reign