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    Lies of the Haven: A Young Adult Urban Fantasy Adventure (Faerie Warriors Book 1)

    Fans of Immortal Instruments and Divergent will love this character-driven urban fantasy adventure! Rival brothers. Lost fae. A war full of betrayals. Nothing is as it seems. Mina doesn’t realize she is a changeling, switched at birth, until two warring, near-immortal brothers crash her party and burn her nana’s house to the ground. Stolen from her home, the two brothers fight for her attention. They tell her that she is their reincarnated faerie leader who fell and was reborn in the midst of a great battle. Now they expect her to lead. To destroy the other side. But she just wants to go home. As Mina seeks a way back to her human family, she finds herself becoming caught up in a war she cannot stop and in the lives of two brothers who are bent on each other’s destruction.  “This series is such an adventure! The worldbuilding behind the faeries is so intricate and awe-inspiring that it makes the story truly come to life. The complexity of the characters is raw and relatable. Mina is a fierce heroine who never backs down from a challenge, and the slow burn romance is totally swoon-worthy! This series gripped me from the beginning, making it impossible for me to stop until I reached the end! Absolutely loved these books and would highly recommend them for anyone who loves fantasy, faeries, and magic!”R.L. Perez, author of the Timecaster Chronicles “This book has some of everything in a delightful fast-paced package. Mina is tough, Arius is complex, and I’m still team “bad-boy” Dramian over here.”Jo Holloway, author of The Immortal Voices series Read more