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    Death In Paradise (Hawaii Adventure Book 1)

    ========================================================================= Dear reader, I rewrote Death in Paradise in 2021 during the pandemic to make it a smoother read, and to remove the sex scene that the top negative review refers to. It’s clear I’m not J.D. Robb, so there isn’t any sex or fbombs in this book or any other in the series. – J.E. Trent ========================================================================= In paradise nothing is simple… …not even murder. For Jessica, this time it’s personal. The knock at the door shook her from a deep sleep. When she saw the cops, Jessica knew why they were there. As a LA Detective, she’d been on the other side of the door plenty of times. Someone she loved was dead. Time slowed. Her heart sank. They knew she knew. Before they could get to the news, her mind raced. Growing up in Hawaii, half of her family in law enforcement and the other half gang members, she’d known the darker side of life. As the detectives explained why they’d come, Jessica was only partly listening until they said it was her father who’d died… …in a plane wreck. And in that moment, the instinct to grieve was gone. He was meticulous in his maintenance. She didn’t believe it was an accident. Who murdered her father? Jessica was going home to Hawaii. You’ll love this gripping thriller with a taste of romance, because of the twists, turns, and complex characters. Read more