• Horror

    Good Intentions

    Paramedic Jesse Travers had seen the worst life had to offer. He had been raised in the hard hitting, often unforgiving world of emergency medicine; and he was a legend. Yet his cracks were beginning to show. Jesse had lost his partner and best friend to a terrible accident. Ever since that fateful night, death followed him everywhere. It was present on every call, always there to bear witness to Jesse’s ability to defeat the odds. The man in black was a sinister, cruel master who meant to break Jesse. Partnered with a medic fresh out of school, Jesse must overcome his fears in order to mentor his rookie partner. All the while he is trapped under a never ending "black cloud." The ghosts that haunt the streets of Memphis flock to him at every turn. His own sanity held together by his own slowly depleting will power. Can Jesse beat death at its own game, or will death finally get the prize it so desperately wants? Good intentions gives you a fictional in depth look at the psychological stress and feats achieved by first responders around the world on a daily basis.