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    Daisy in Exile: a Daisy Tannenbaum Misadventure

    “Daisy is steadfast and intelligent…her casual first-person narration quickly establishes a rapport with readers who should enjoy watching Daisy’s quick thinking in action.” —BookLife Reviews Twelve-year old Daisy Tannenbaum, gets expelled from school for punching a bully and sent to live in Paris with her Aunt Millicent, who teaches math at The Embassy School. Daisy arrives to find her enigmatic Aunt Mill moonlighting as a cryptographer, working to decipher an antique code used by Louis XVI’s secret service during their covert operation to recover the infamous Queen’s Diamonds from Comtesse de la Motte. Faster than you can say Les Deux Magots, Daisy gets involved in a serpentine plot involving spies, forged documents, French history, secret codes, and priceless diamonds that takes her racing through the streets and even into the sewers of Paris to escape the criminals and solve the mystery all while trying to keep up with her math and French lessons. *DAISY AND THE MISSING MONA LISA is coming November 1, 2022! Read more