• Young Adult

    Welcome to Oceanside High: Revenge of the Bully

    I didn’t know bullies like Travis McDurn could have a soul. Who knew bullies could have a soul? Especially when they’re a part of the Devil’s Trio: a crew of guys who always know how to cause trouble whenever they want. But when Travis McDurn wants me…it’ll be Hell to pay. There’s more than one bully I have to worry about at Oceanside High, and it’s not just the Trio. When Travis sets his gorgeous green eyes on me it turns out he’s got more in mind than bullying me into submission, this time it’s about turning the tables against my enemies. Somehow, I’m figuring out that Travis isn’t the guy I always thought him to be. Check out the world of Oceanside High and meet your favorite new bad boy, Travis McDurn, because some bad boys have a good side. Warning: The Oceanside High series is a Young Adult/New Adult Romance filled with love and hate relationships, laughable moments, best friends and tears, and that troublesome lover looking for love. If this offends you then this bully romance isn’t for your eyes! Read more