• Young Adult

    Torn (Heirs of Anarwyn, Book 1)

    The magic knows. It feels. And it’s searching for him. For two thousand years, the Order of the Varaná has nurtured and protected the Anarwyn, a sentient magic that has developed a symbiotic relationship with humans. The Order has kept the land free of the ageless evil called the Bragamahr that once controlled the destiny of humankind. Over the long years, the secrets of the magic have been lost, and the Varaná have dwindled until only one remains. Then, from the shadows come the Mahrowaiths of the Bragamahr, ancient creatures of evil who attempt to hunt the remaining heirs of Anarwyn to extinction. The Anarwyn seeks out a young man, named Cam, who can stand between the rise of the Bragamahr and the final destruction of the Anarwyn. When the terror and death of the Mahrowaiths find Cam first, he must choose between saving his friends by assuming the terrible burden of the magic that killed his mother or denying his heritage and remaining free. The Anarwyn might not wait for him to decide. This series is perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Shadow and Bone, and Wheel of Time. Read more