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    Knights of the Round Table: Genesis of a King (Fantasy World Books)

    Arthur Pendragon never felt like he was a part of the royal family since his father passed away twenty years ago. His dreams are riddled with nightmares of watching his father die by a mysterious amber-eyed figure in the forests beside the Darklands, the same scenario occurring again and again. And sitting beneath his uncle King Ergott’s shadow never improved his mood, especially since the prophecy of the Born King has arisen since the fall of Catarina. As his written destiny becomes problematic for Ergott’s rule, Arthur finds himself outcast from everything he’s ever known, framed for a crime he never committed. Forced to start again in a new location with a forgotten band of historical Knights that will become crucial to his story, Arthur must find a way to stop his uncle’s evil intentions and take back what was his birthright. And in order for him to take back his Kingdom, first, he must learn the ways of Knighthood. Read more