• Young Adult

    Dylan Mcleod-vexor City

    ★★★★★ “A great fast paced novel!”– Reader Review___ Like everyone else, Dylan McLeod hates the oppressed world he is forced to live in, but unlike everyone else, Dylan McLeod is determined to change it! Well into the future, humanity shares a distant planet with three alien species. One alien species, however, the vexors, have had a complete stranglehold over the rest of the population for the last three hundred years. Led by their supreme leader, Sholtar, the vexors regulate unjust rules and policies that only apply to the other species! Lost and disengaged with no real direction in life, Dylan copes by catching up with his best friend Tarun and working a job he hates at his father’s factory. All that changes after the tragic and unexpected death of his father drives him to rebel against this alien tyranny that rules over the planet. He’ll soon realise, though, just why no one has even tried to stop this regime before… Read more