• Horror

    Vampires Can’t Be Vegan: a New Adult Urban Fantasy Novella

    Vampires can’t be vegan, can they?… I’m the world’s first vegan vampire. I’ve lived for five years on synthetic blood, called ‘Vital8′, which I created in the lab. My human boyfriend, Noah, has founded a start-up which plans to launch Vital8 globally. Finally, humans and vampires will be able to live side-by-side. Our dreams are within reach… But some people don’t want humans and vampires getting along. They’ve kidnapped Noah, and they’ll kill him tomorrow – unless I destroy all evidence Vital8 exists. If I give in, humans and vampires will go to war – thousands of lives could be lost. I can’t lose Noah. But I need an army to get him back. And I only have a few hours… Fans of vampire books will love this fast-paced, urban fantasy novella set in London and featuring a diverse cast of characters. — A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novella — — Prequel to Arcane Witch series — — Written in British English —