• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Quest For The Holy Hummus (The Chickpea Chronicles Book 1)

    Fast-paced, irreverent satire. You probably shouldn’t laugh but you will…! ***NOTICE: The ENTIRE (7-book) series will be FREE 2-6 May (vols 2-7 are FAR superior to vol 1). Grab them whilst you can (and please review!)*** THE CHICKPEA CHRONICLES VOLUME – 1Despite being a regressive and unhelpful stereotype, it was nevertheless accurate to say that dragons were aggressive, bloodthirsty brutes. Not George, though. He’s a self-professed ‘decent’ individual with a penchant for organic cookery, gardening, and making his own clothes. Oh, and he’s a vegan, you know!George’s adventure begins when he decides he wants some hummus. However, as Dragonville definitely isn’t the sort of place to find chickpea-based snacks, he sets off towards People Town to visit his favourite place in the whole world, the glorious Farmer Fred’s feel-good, local, family, fair-trade, organic wholefoods store.Follow George as he traverses Dragonville, desperately tolerating the idiots who wander into his path – before continuing on towards lovely, civilised People Town where unfortunately our heroic, massive, fire-breathing reptile encounters further unwarranted prejudice.Will George get his delicious dip? Will he make any new friends? Will years of suppressing his true instincts make him have a terrifying and very-public nervous breakdown? Find out!