• Young Adult

    Krampusnacht (Shadow Tales Book 4)

    In a small Austrian town, Krampus Night turns real. The yearly celebration of Krampusnacht is one of Bad Gastein’s most cherished traditions. Every December, townsfolk dress as the mythical beast, throw parties, and let the town’s children know if they’ve made the monster’s naughty list. And, this year, a group of young cyber-bullies has been particularly bad. Someone, or possibly something, has determined they deserve punishment. “It is most definitely a very worthy take on the cautionary creature legend, and indeed the best fiction I have read in quite a while. If you like fantasy, horror, YA or simple suspense, you’ll love it; if not, you’ll just like it a lot!” – Matt McAvoy, author of the critically acclaimed “Granjy’s Eyes” Read more