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    The Fey Man (The Realm Rift Saga Book 1)

    The Fey Man is an Epic Fantasy Fanatic Reader’s Choice Award Quarter-Finalist! A land plagued by dragons. A sword only he can wield. A quest that could save his realm… or doom it forever. Thomas Rymour is the prophet who cannot lie, in service to a powerful duke. But when an elf lord hatches a plot to steal a legendary sword, Tom is forced to break his oath in order to save the world. On the run from armies and dragons, Tom discovers the sword is the only thing that can stop the oncoming war, and he is the only one who can wield it. But while terrifying dragons scorch the skies, the immortal creatures of Faerie hatch their own dark plans for the mortal realm. Can Tom find a way to save the mortal realm? Or will he fall foul of Faerie plots? The Fey Man is book one in the Realm Rift epic fantasy saga. If you like fierce dragons, flawed heroes, and faerie mythology, then you’ll love James T Kelly’s magical blockbuster. Buy The Fey Man to take an epic magical adventure today! Read more